Our story is a patio cover only, builder of aluminum patio cover kits, and Alumawood patio cover kit Gold distributor. Located in California, our story began in the mid to late 90's, when we started our construction company working primarily in residential remodeling.

Not too soon after, we consolidated our efforts in this field only to specialize in.. the patio cover, patio cover kits, pergolas, decks, and the DIY patio. Soon after that, we branched out into Maricopa County Arizona to build patio covers there. Today with our team of craftsmen, we operate one of the largest patio cover and deck-only construction companies in Southern California building some of the most beautiful outdoor living spaces and patio covers you can imagine, in Arizona, San Diego, and Los Angeles.


We're just a small business

Sure it's tempting to make ourselves out to appear on the web, or at least on the surface to be some ginormous company that's been selling Alumawood Patio Cover Kits for 100 years in order to build some false sense of confidence with you the buyer... Fact is, we're just a small company. And although we sell a lot of kits, build a ton of Alumawood patio covers and pergolas, we're still small-time. 

That said, was founded by the husband and wife team who sought out to deliver stellar patio cover kits, to ordinary, hard-working Americans everywhere in the USA. So using our Gold dealer status with Amerimax (who produces Alumawood), which we obtained through our sister company, we set out to do just that.

Fact is, our sister company, Installs more Alumawood patio covers, aluminum patio cover kits and pergolas than just about anyone in the Los Angeles area. Call us for more information.


Operating a successful construction company is not easy in California, but the hard work is worth it. We understand that this company is not just supporting our family, but it's a business that collectively supports the families of our employees and their families, the families of our freight carriers, distributors, and even our landlord. Hard work and long hours yes. But worth it. So rest assured, when you buy from us... we're not going anywhere anytime soon. We cant.

There would be no patio covered or patio cover kits company if not for good help and good help is hard to find. More than that, finding exceptional, loyal employees is like finding a needle in a haystack of needles. So we feel blessed to have so many honest, hardworking loyal good people in our team who understand that without you the customer, there is no job to go to tomorrow.

Give us a call and we discuss the DIY patio covers and options.

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Los Angeles Patio Cover Kit
Marc: Owner
Los Angeles Patio Cover Kit
Michelle: Owner
Aluminum patio cover kit
Steve: Field Installations
Aluminum patio cover kits
Francisco: Foreman
Aluminum patio cover kits
Aluminum patio cover kits
Charles: Technician
Aluminum patio cover kits
Dan: Technician

Aluminum patio cover kits

Of course, we could sell just about anyone of the many different aluminum patio cover manufacturers out there, but we choose to work with Amerimax because of their high-quality patio cover shade structures and patio kits. There are several different reasons why we work so closely with one single manufacture.

  • Quality control and production is efficient
  • Patio cover kits are a specialty for this manufacturer
  • The Alumawood patio cover offers an amazing warranty for years of trouble-free, maintenance-free enjoyment
  • Alumawood offers 3 different types of DIY patio cover shade structures: Laguna (Lattice) patio covers, Insulated patio (IRP roof panels) patio covers, Newport, Non-insulated roof panels
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to install patio cover kits
  • Designed with engineering approval in 48 states for your backyard installation project
  • Patio cover kit ready

We have over 5 different locations for our clients to pick up patio cover kits if they want to save a few bucks on shipping. They are located in Anaheim California, Sacramento California, Pheonix Arizona, Menafee California, and Our Facility in Santa Clarita California.

XLAI is our extruded aluminum patio cover line. It's a thicker aluminum material than the Alumawood patio cover kits is so it spans further. Extruded aluminum is powder coated as opposed to simply spray painted. There are, however, no roof panels for the XLAI product line. The insulated patio roof can, however, be added to the extruded systems.

Aluminum patio cover kits

We're different

What so many people forget to realize is that outside of this business, we're consumers just like you are.  We get that security is what causes some people to never buy from some sellers.

We want our customers to feel secure when they call our company to order their patio cover kit.

Aluminum patio cover kits


Do you offer help?

So at the building, we have a receptionist who greets walk-ins and takes orders for patio kits, a part-time accountant, and two guys who work in the warehouse loading orders, receiving orders and helping people like you with their cover kits and installations over face-time, skype or Zoom.

Getting HOA approval or building permits... can you guys help with that?  We can help with both HOA and city building permits. Our staff understands the complexities of never having worked with HOAs and building departments. For the home owner purchasing your first DIY patio shade cover, fear not. We have your back. We're proficient in dealing with HOA's and building and safety departments all across the united states..

Are you licensed Contractors?

We're a general contractor here in California and have been since 1997. We use this license to build patio cover kits, decks, louvered patio covers, and even wood covers. We also have a general building contractors license in Arizona. Both licenses are in excellent standing. Even just for selling patio kits, we're fully bonded, insured, and carry workers compensation insurance.

Do you have a showroom?

We have an amazing showroom with patio kits which you can view firsthand. We're located in the heart of Santa Clarita, roughly 20 minutes north of Los Angeles.

 Do you have referrals to help install a patio cover?

Maybe you're too busy to get the DIY patio cover off the ground or perhaps you could use a hand finishing it up. We have qualified contractors capable of installing these patio cover kits throughout the United States.

Can you ship nation-wide?

We receive aluminum patio cover kit orders all over the united states. Our relationships with carriers who deliver our product help us to ship anywhere in the USA.

Can we pick up the patio kit?

Of course, if you want to save a few bucks, our aluminum patio cover kits can be picked-up at one of our 5 locations. Anaheim California, Sacramento California, Pheonix Arizona, Menafee California, and Our Facility in Santa Clarita California

Do you offer phone support?

Installing patio covers, or patio cover kits in general can be challenging. We get this. We have the tech support to walk you through any situation that might arise during your patio cover installation. Call us, face time, or chat with us anytime you need help. We know patio covers so you don't have to.

How do I get a quote?

Ordering patio cover kits have never been easier. Choose to order your patio cover directly from our staff, or fill out our patio cover order form and one of our representatives will call you back asap to complete your order.  The insulated patio cover is different than say the Laguna. Both have beams and posts, but the insulated patio cover top is completely different.  Speaking of beams and posts, you will want to know how wide the cover is. This will determine the number of these items. It will also determine the number of panels on an insulated structure as well.