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4K Aluminum patio cover

Just when you thought there weren't enough patio cover companies along comes 4k Aluminum. Located at road 15 Las Vegas, Nv, 4K is not just another patio cover manufacturer. On the contrary, the 4K aluminum patio cover is just the latest in the Aluminum patio cover and pergola craze.

What sets the Las Vegas 4K Aluminum Co. apart from the others?

The very first thing you may notice about the 4K aluminum product is the patio covers lack a wood-grain-like texture. Most of you in the market for aluminum patio covers will notice that almost all Aluminum patio cover manufacturers share at least one similar quality. They all have wood grain. Companies like Duralum, Alumawood, Fourseasons, and the like all emboss their aluminum with this wood grain texture.

Secondly, you'll notice that the corners of the 4K patio covers are more modern, smooth and have no overlapping members. Unlike the Alumawood for example, the 4K aluminum patio cover and pergolas, the beams do not hang over or extend past the post. Rather, the posts are at the same distance or flush with the outer beams. Furthermore, the 4k system has 4 beams which make up the frame whereas the Alumawood has only one.

Lastly, the Las Vegas 4K product line is comprised of a fully extruded 6061-T6 aircraft alloy aluminum. Compare that to the other company's aluminum products that offer thinner, roll-formed patio cover aluminum products. The stronger, heavier gauge aluminum allows for fewer posts between spans for your patio.


4K aluminum kit
Patio covers manufactured by 4k Aluminum are covered under a limited warranty which covers workmanship, paint, and materials for 20 years from the date of installation. Compared to other aluminum patio cover manufacturers, it's a fairly standard warranty.
4K aluminum kit
Powder Coated
Of course, this patio cover system is powder coated and not protected by spray-applied paint. Many argue that powder coating offers significantly more durability than traditional spray applied paint techniques. There are four unique paint colors available in the Las Vegas 4k line.
4K aluminum kit
Previously we mentioned its material makeup, a fully extruded 6061-T6 aircraft alloy aluminum. Contractors will especially appreciate this. It's a fact that the 4K aluminum product is a much, much thicker, robust material than most all other roll-formed aluminum patio cover companies. In other words, its ability to span greater lengths is directly related to the fact that the material is so much more heavy-duty than all the others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Extruded Aluminum Pergolas and patio covers

Of course, there are multiple reasons why you elect to purchase a 4K extruded aluminum pergolas over the others. Taking into consideration the sleek design, smooth, modern look of the product, it's difficult to compare it to the others who possess the wood-grain appearance.

Design-wise, there are many options when working with the 4K extruded aluminum. Some of the features you can build are;

  • Privacy walls
  • Trellises
  • Patio Covers
  • Fencing
  • Gates

laser cut Pergo Soleil panels

4K aluminum patio cover company offers Pergo Soleil panels. Many of you may not be familiar with these types of Pergo Soleil panels. Regardless of what people call them, they all start off the same... as a flat sheet of aluminum. Depending on the design, they are cut using a laser and powder coated to match.

4K vs Alumawood

Newport Alumawood patio cover kit
Smooth Finish
  • ALUMAWOOD: Wood-grain spray painted finish
  • 4K: Simi-cough powder coating texture powder coated
Newport Alumawood patio cover kit
Contemporary Styling
  • ALUMAWOOD: Traditional patio cover look
  • 4K: Smooth, clean contemporary appearance
Newport Alumawood patio cover kit
Large Extruded Aluminum Posts
  • ALUMAWOOD: Standard 3" x 3" post
  • 4K: Large, 4x, 6x, and 8x posts