Alumawood Paint Colors

With literally millions of colors in the world, it must have been a challenge for Amerimax to choose the perfect colors for their Alumawood line of aluminum patio covers. OF the millions of colors, they've narrowed their choices to seven (7) paint colors.

How many Alumawood Colors are available in the Alumawood palette?

  • White
  • Graphite
  • Spanish Brown
  • Desert Sand
  • Sonora Beige
  • Latte
  • Mojave Tan

Alumawood Insulated patio cover roof color options

Most of the Alumawood colors for their aluminum patio covers come in all seven (7) paint color options. That is, however, with the exception of the Alumawood aluminum Insulated patio cover roofing panels. This patio cover system is only available in two (2) paint colors.

  • Desert sand
  • White

Ability to Mix-n-match Alumawood colors

The components that make-up the Alumawood patio cover or pergola are the posts, beams, trim (pieces that stick out of the front at the top), post covers, ledger, rafters, lattice bars, insulated Maxx panels, and non-insulated panels. 

Within these seven (7) Alumawood colors, or color options, you are encouraged to mix-n-match within the confines of the colors available, even for Newport Roofed covers.

For example, you can use white paint from the Alumawood colors for beams and posts, and the Spanish brown paint. Or, Sonora Beige paint for rafters and Latte paint for lattice shade bars.

Alumawood does not offer the option for custom aluminum patio cover colors. Alumawood paint is available in Spanish Brown, Sonora Beige, Graphite, White, Desert Sand, Latte, Mojave Tan, and Adobe.

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Can Alumawood Patio Covers Be Repainted?

Re-painting the Alumawood patio is not suggested. The reason being, when the cover is manufactured the aluminum is in a state where it's been prepared in a contained environment. Not to mention the material properly prepped for maximum adhesion of the color to the aluminum. Repainting the aluminum means you'd have to sand every nook and cranny to ensure proper adhesion. Otherwise, the finish would flake and peel off.

Are the Alumawood colors durable?

The Alumawood patio structure looks exactly like real wood. With an embossed wood-grain texture, from a distance, it's difficult to tell them apart. These patio structures are constructed with heavy headers or beams and are protected via their pwn proprietary weather-resistant film or paint also known as Aluma-ShieldSM . 

Alumawood patio cover requires little to no maintenance?

Our Alumawood patio cover requires little to no maintenance to keep the simi gloss finish looking new. Take for instance, the wood patio cover and pergolas as an example. Within just a few months to years in the sun, the finish will lose its gloss, looking dingy, faded, and in need of a re-paint. On the other hand, Alumawood covers do not Rot, burn, crack, peel, warp, or get eaten by termites. Let not forget that these aluminum covers are manufactured out of recycled aluminum.

Is there a patio cover paint warranty available?

Alumawood offers a fantastic warranty. Amerimax exterior home products AKA Alumawood, warranties their lattice patio cover, covered roof, carports, and awning products to not split, crack, peel, flake, or blister under normal conditions for the life of the retail purchaser. Notice that the warranty doesn't not state for the life of the product, but rather the life of the purchaser.
Furthermore, the Alumawood patio cover warranty is transferrable to a subsequent owner of their product but only during the first ten (10) years of coverage. Lastly, their steel product is warrantied not to rust.

Are Aluamwood warranties TRANSFERABLE?

This Aluamwood warranty is TRANSFERABLE by the original retail purchaser to a subsequent owner of the product during the first ten (10) years of warranty coverage. In the event of the transfer of this warranty, the warranty period shall be ten (10) years from the date of original installation. The warranty only applies to manufacturing defects in the products. Steel products are not warranted against rust.
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