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What is a 4K Patio Cover?

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The 4K aluminum patio cover company hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. The company started in 2019 and produces one of the most beautiful extruded aluminum patio cover systems on the market. The difference between the 4K aluminum patio cover and a product like Alumawood is the fact that 4K aluminum is extruded and Alumawood is Roll-formed.

A few differences between the 4K Aluminum and the Alumawood product


  • Powder-coated
  • 100% Extruded
  • Longer spans than Alumawood with fewer posts

  • Painted with sprayer
  • Roll-formed aluminum
  • Lighter material means more posts between the beam span

4K patio covers offer a thicker material

4K Aluminum material is a thicker aluminum than Alumawood. Side by side, the 4K extruded aluminum profile is much thicker than the Alumawood product, even the thickest Alumawood material.

4K patio cover parts

  • Posts
  • Outer beams
  • lattice bars
  • Hardware

Examples of 4K Aluminum patio covers

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