DIY alumawood patio cover kits

Alumawood patio cover kits

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Patio cover kits by Alumawood

Alumawood patio cover kits

Lately, there’s been quite a bit of hype surrounding the DIY patio kits by Alumawood, and for good reason. People by and large are warming up to the fact that aluminum patio covers when compared to wood patios, require less maintenance, care, and attention. Not to mention a wood patio cover costs more than aluminum.

In this day, our population is all about convenience. and why not? I mean, when you can buy a product like Alumawood in a DIY patio cover kit or otherwise, install it and never have to touch it…. that’s not just a good decision, it’s smart business. With a little bit of patience and some tools, just about anyone can build these patio cover kits.

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Why Alumawood Patio Cover Kits

Why Patio Cover Kits by Alumawood Nowadays, if there’s a good idea out there and money to be made, chances are there will be competition. This is true even for aluminum patio cover kits and systems. Once the public found out they can build patio cover one time and never have to maintain or otherwise, replace or repair them… the industry blew up.

So who are the players in this business who sell patio cover kits direct? Well, there’s Alumawood, Duralum, and Four-seasons. All of them produce the Insulated roof, lattice patio cover, and non insulated covers. I’m sure there are more, but really, these are the big boys who dominate the industry.

So why choose Alumawood over these other guys? For starters, Alumawood pioneered these shade structures. They essentially invented the roll-formed aluminum patio cover and patio kits business for your outdoor living space. Of course, there are subtle differences between the major players such as wood grain texture, colors, and material dimensions. Alumawood seems to have it all in this area.

Not only is the Alumawood patio cover more aesthetically pleasing (IMO) than the others, it’s an easy to assemble system especially when you’re considering patio cover kits.

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Patio Kits Direct to the Home Owner

Alumawood Patio Cover Kits There are two ways to purchase an Alumawood patio cover. A) Patio Cover Kit. B) Make a phone call or two to a company or contractor and have them come out, quote the project, measure, and install your Alumawood patio.

Buy from a company or buy patio cover kits direct from a dealer

Of course, when you work with an individual company they offer design ideas, installation ideas, and can show you past construction projects completed of Insulated roof, lattice patio cover, and non insulated covers. On the other hand, if you go with one of the DIY patio kits, you are on your own to design your DIY patio kits placement on your home. There are a few concerns you may have when attempting to install the DIY patio cover kits. I mean, if you’ve never built a patio cover before, the DIY patio cover kits many components may prove to be a daunting task initially.

Never fear, however. When you purchase any one of our patio kits direct from us, you have someone on your side throughout the process. We have phone support, installation documentation, and videos, to help our customers with any installation pitfall they might come across.

As an Alumawood dealer, installing your own DIY patio cover kit has its rewards. Not to mention the satisfaction of accomplishing the construction of your very own DIY patio cover. Of course, you will need tools. On our website, we have a list of necessary tools you’ll need to build these patio kits.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, feel free to stop by and see some sample covers. We have a number of patio cover kits within our showroom for you to feel and touch in person or just get some design ideas. These covers are Insulated roof, lattice patio cover, and non insulated covers.

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Aluminum Patio Covers vs. Wood Patio Covers

wood patio covers vs aluminum patio covers Patio kits are typically found in aluminum, however, places like Home Depot and other big-box stores do carry wood. The differences between these patio cover kits can be quite extensive. The pros and cons between the two materials are equally extensive.

Let’s go through a few of the differences between these extremely different materials so you can get a sense of which of these patio cover kits is right for you.

Alumawood aluminum patio covers

Right out of the gate, the DIY patio cover kits require almost zero maintenance. Secondly, it lasts forever. So between having. a product that you don’t have to maintain and it lasts forever, it’s going to be hard to top that. To ensure that you never have issues with your Alumawood patio covers, the patio kits offer a lifetime warranty.

Wood patio covers

Wood patio covers, on the other hand, do in fact require maintenance. Albeit every other year, regardless, it still works. In fact, depending on where you live like Los Angeles for example, snow may not be an issue, but heat is.

With the heat comes the deterioration of the patio cover paint which allows water to damage the wood in the form of rot. Termites are also a consideration. They will literally eat the patio cover thus requiring the replacement of wood pieces. Some of which can be quite expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alumawood patio cover kits
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How to order our patio kits direct from us

Whether you live in Los Angeles or New york, we can deliver you patio kits direct from a dealer. Although we’re located in California, we have the ability to ship your product to your door just about anywhere in the United States. If you’re located in California, we have 3 locations to pick up from.

On our website, we offer 4 basic DIY designs, which are the most popular. Lattice patio covers, Insulated roof patios, and Non insulated covers. Aside from those, you can fill out a quote form and receive a custom quote for your specific needs. After you receive your custom quote, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss any issues associated with your DIY project, any upgrades which may be necessary or suggested. 2021 all rights reserved

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